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Inspirit AI

Inspirit AI

One two-week session 
July 15-26 
9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Rising 8th through rising 12th graders 
$1,200 per session

What to bring: Computer, snacks, water bottle

AI Scholars: A Project-Based Artificial Intelligence Program 

What do self-driving cars, Alexa, iPhone's face recognition technology, and ChatGPT have in common? They are driven by modern advances in artificial intelligence. Whether you’re interested in law, healthcare, art, or economics, AI is poised to transform every discipline and industry in the future. AI is already all around us today, and by the end of the program, students will understand the underlying concepts and motivations behind technology such as computer vision, natural language processing, and neural networks. 

In this course, we will explore the foundations of machine learning and explore different applications of machine learning models. In the first half of the course, students learn AI’s core technologies including applications, foundational concepts, and programming tools through live lectures and coding labs. Students will not only learn about different types of machine learning models, but also apply those models to real data sets. In the second half of the course, students will complete an instructor-led group project applying AI to the discipline of their choice (e.g., music, healthcare, astrophysics, finance, etc.), utilizing the programming skills they developed in the first half. 

Course Structure: 

  • Machine Learning Talks. Learn about machine learning algorithms and techniques in a uniquely interactive, engaging format, before you apply that knowledge in live coding labs. 
  • Hands-On Python Coding. Develop valuable skills in Python, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in our hands-on coding labs, using cutting-edge research to solve real-world problems like breast cancer diagnosis, building self-driving cars, and more. 
  • Project-Based Learning. In our AI for Social Good project, students will be able to apply their newly acquired talents in a collaborative, challenging environment, applying AI to a domain they’re passionate about (e.g., music, healthcare, astrophysics, finance, etc.). Students can use these projects in their résumés and college applications. 


Inspirit AI offers an interdisciplinary, project-based artificial intelligence education taught by Stanford, MIT, and Ivy League alumni and graduate students specializing in AI. AI Scholars inspire curious high school students globally by exposing them to the defining technology of our times: Artificial Intelligence. AI is already present everywhere: in our voice-activated devices, smartphone face recognition systems, and autonomous vehicles. The potential to apply this technology for good is limitless. 

This immersive program — developed and taught exclusively by a team of alumni and graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and other top universities — provides guidance on initiating AI projects, pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college. 

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