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Local officers participate in police panel for students
Local officers participate in police panel for students

Officers from Montgomery County's Bethesda area district participated in a panel discussion hosted by Landon's Black Student Union. They answered questions about topics ranging from racial relations to traffic stop procedures.

Upper School students and Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) officers met last week for an open, forthright discussion to foster better understanding of the role police play in the community.

The event, sponsored by the Black Student Union, featured a presentation from Captain Paul Liquorie, the commander of the Montgomery County Police's second district.Liquorie and four other MCPD officers spoke about their extensive training, their mindset during their day-to-day work, and their overall approach to policing in the community.

The students asked officers their own questions, including what they thought about the state of the relationship between police and minority members of the community. They also asked how police determine when they are going to pull someone over, and what factors are involved in the decision to make an arrest or let someone go with a warning.

"Our mission school states that we are preparing boys to be responsible and empathizes the importance of teamwork," said Landon's Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Joseph Canty. "The meeting with the Montgomery County Police was just that, teamwork. And the more that our students and faculty engage in these important conversations collectively, the better off we will be as a community."