Einstein by Design 

One-week sessions
Options available for rising 1st through rising 8th graders

*All sessions have been canceled*

Woodworking Technology: Design and Build
June 15–19
9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Boys and girls, rising 1st through 3rd graders

What to bring: Lunch with a drink, snacks
Arrival/dismissal zone: Red

Rise to the challenge and expand your boundaries as you work in a safe environment to bring your awesome ideas to life! Campers will use principles of math, science, architecture, and engineering to create and build functional and structurally sound designs. We will learn to safely and accurately measure, cut, and join all materials using hand tools, as well as use 3D modeling software for prototyping. We will be challenged to develop our building skills and inner creativity as we put together awesome builds. Campers will familiarize themselves with essential workshop safety and the six simple machines as they work alongside new friends. At the end of camp, campers can share their work at our design showcase and take home their final build.


AI Lab: Robotics and Machine Learning
June 15–19
9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Boys and girls, rising 4th through 7th graders

What to bring: Lunch with a drink, snacks
Arrival/dismissal zone: Red

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our world! From self-driving cars to computer vision that is able to recognize faces, AI is transforming our lives. Learn about AI in our hands-on computer science lab and engineering workshop where you will build your own voice assistant based on Google's Voice Assistant and Cloud Speech software libraries. Using the Google AIY Kit, we will construct our voice assistant, then we will learn to create Python programs to customize our assistant by programming unique behaviors. What will you choose to do with your AI assistant? Make your assistant react to custom phrases by controlling the microphone, speaker, LED, or try adding a motion sensor or servo motor for even more interactive options. The AI engineers will take home their customized Google Assistant. We will also learn coding with the Cozmo robot, and use visual coding to create intruder alarms and block-moving games.


Wizardry: The Chemistry and Coding of Magical Spells
July 6–10, July 20–24
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.
Boys and girls, rising 3rd through 5th graders

What to bring: snacks
Arrival/dismissal zone: Red

In this project-based camp, we will pull back the curtain to learn about the wizardry of Materials Science & Engineering, and make magic! Build a wand with the Kano Harry Potter codeable wand and see instant effects on screen. We will make fire flow, pumpkins grow, feathers fly, goblets multiply, paint pictures, compose music, and more. We will also learn about chemistry and physics concepts through experimentation and let our imaginations take flight by becoming wizards in-training. Campers leave with an understanding of how chemistry and change make up the world around us.


Retro Gaming System Build
July 20–24, July 27–31
9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Boys and girls, rising 6th through 8th graders

What to bring: Lunch with a drink, snacks
Arrival/dismissal zone: Red

Do you love retro games like Super Mario Bros or Legend of Zelda? What about arcade classics like Pacman, Galaga or Donkey Kong? In this maker-lab experience, we'll learn electronics, woodworking, and tech skills as we build our own retro gaming system. Using a Raspberry Pi 3, small table, repurposed computer screen, and arcade-style joystick and buttons, we'll hack together a working game system. Campers will learn how to set up a Raspberry Pi 3 and install the Retro Pie gaming system. In our engineering lab, we'll modify the table to fit the Raspberry Pi, as well as mount a screen and controls. We'll learn about circuits and soldering, as well as some fabrication and hacking skills.

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Company bio: At Einstein By Design, we believe that learning innovation literacy is not only an important 21st-century skill but an important part of becoming a global citizen. Learning to innovate and positively impact the world is an overarching goal of our programs. Our programs spark creativity and allow children to stretch their imaginations in a fun and supportive environment. We emphasize Design Thinking and Innovation Literacy development and use core elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in our curriculum to create innovative, technology-based learning experiences. Our team comprised of educators, scientists, engineers, creative technologists, computer programmers and makers is passionate about teaching children technology and design thinking concepts through innovative hands-on activities. Visit einsteinbydesign.tech for more information.



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