Build Your Summer!

With 10 weeks to choose from, dozens of unique camps, and sessions ranging from one week to six weeks in length, it is easier than ever to mix and match programs to build a summer that cultivates all of your child’s talents and passions — while allowing you the flexibility to choose specific dates and times that fit your scheduling needs.

Use the filters below to discover the perfect camp for your camper!


Six 1-week sessions
Preschool; Rising K-5th
June 20-23; July 5-7; July 10-14
July 17-21; July 24-28; August 14-18

Girls dressed in long, fancy blue dresses, dancing and smiling

One week sessions
Preschool–Rising K:
June 12–16, June 20–23, July 31–August 4
Rising K–2nd graders:
July 10-13, July 17-21, July 24-28, August 7–11, August 14–18
Rising 3-5th graders:
August 7–11

Boys basketball activities, participants taking part in a basketball match

Two one-week sessions
June 12–June 16
June 26–30

A camper is laying down on an athletic field and resting their head on a soccer ball.

Five one-week sessions
Preschool–Rising 3rd graders:
June 12–16
Preschool–Rising K:
August 7–11, August 14–18
Rising 1st–8th graders:
August 7–11, August 14–18

Landon Summer kids on a boat, enjoying a fish and explore activity

Six one-week session
Rising 3rd–6th graders:
June 12–16, July 17–21
Rising 3rd–5th graders:
June 26–30, August 14–18 
Rising 4th–7th graders:
August 7–11
Rising 6th–9th graders:
June 20–23

Student smiling and working in a classroom, sitting at a desk

One 3-week session
Rising 7th–9th graders:
June 12-16
June 20-23
June 26-30

Girl working on a computer, smiling as she uses the computer

One week sessions
Rising K; Rising 1st–2nd graders
July 31–August 4
Rising 3rd–6th graders
August 7–11, August 14–18

Water Polo

Three - One Week Sessions

June 12–16
June 20–23
August 7–11