What to bring:

  • Writing utensils
  • Journal/notebook
  • Snack
  • Water bottle
  • Face mask
  • Sunscreen 
Students taking part in the writer's workshop

The Writer's Workshop 

Two one-week sessions 
9 a.m.–3 p.m. 
Rising 4th through rising 6th graders  
Arrival/dismissal zone: Red 

This writing program is structured as an open writer’s workshop. Each day, the workshop will begin with Writing On Writing, helping students to see that writing is anywhere and everywhere. Students will use their writers’ notebooks for notes and starters, planting seed ideas, trying new genres, writing deeply to move beyond quick writes and prompt writing, and finding their own writing process. Students will dig into genre writing and attempt genres not typically taught throughout the school year. Student projects will include creating a multi-genre piece, presenting on a newly learned way of writing that resonates with their writing style, sharing a beloved piece of writing by a writer they admire, and a final project of their choice. During the in-class workshop, students will participate in writing walks and enjoy virtual visits from all types of authors to learn more about how writers write. Throughout their time in the workshop, students will make connections, write with their whole self, and create a lasting writing community that will continue to inspire their inner writer. 

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