Important Forms

Prescription Medication Authorization Form
This form requires physician and parent signatures to authorize our camp nurse to dispense any prescription medications (including emergency medication such as epipens or inhalers). All prescription medications must be provided by the parent. One form is required for each medication.

Course Credit Release Form
This form must be completed, signed by a school official, and returned to the Landon Summer office prior to the start of the course in order to earn credit for one of our credit classes (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Geometry Online or Pre-Calculus).

Immunization Certificate
This form is required for campers who reside outside of the United States. This form must be submitted prior to the camper's first day at camp.

Campers who reside in the United States but attend school outside of Montgomery County may utilize the form above or upload another copy of their immunization record.

Fish and Explore Waiver
This form is required for campers attending any of the Fish and Explore programs.

Please submit completed forms to